Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Im leaving this open for things to fly in. It makes sense to me.

Sometimes I think that cats have a secret agenda. Nothing too diabolical. But something. Oh yes, they're planning something.

Long ago in  a distant land, I Aku shape shifting master of darkness.....

The word bitchin, isn't very.

Being colourblind, even partially, sucks. I dont know what colours actually look like. Sadcowface.

Sometimes I'm still afraid of the monster that isnt under my bed.                            

One day Ill be more famous than jesus. or any other famous jew.

I want more than manything (not anything, just many) to see a planecrash. Just to see one fall out of the air and fireball on the ground. No one need be injured... just boom. Gravity wins bitch.

Were I birthed earlier I would have created slice bread, making ME the greatest thing since.

Faguruphelia is the severe lust for tribal drumming. Faguruphobics dont like Jumanji.

Robin Williams is a hairymouthfucker. that was supposed to say mother. I didnt change it.


  1. Actually, I'm allergic to potatoes, and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. and don't try to tell me to drink vinegar. IT TASTES LIKE CORRUPTED PLASTIC.

  2. mouth... I'm glad you didn't change it :P