Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On that note.

The alphabet is prison for letters. When we sing it, their bonds grow tighter. TODDLERS ARE LETTER MASOCHISTS. MLNOP

Tomorrow Im going to do something useful with my life. little do I know now that its going to be to invent a time machine to prevent myself from doing anything useful the day before.

Bologna is spelled funny.

Anger is a buffalo's only defence. Depression never bodes well for the buffalo. But they are rather hairy.

I received a haircut today from the sister of my wife to be. There is nothing funny about this sentence.

An apple is born with its babies inside of it. What a fruit.

Arrows can point in every way, yet can never follow their own directions. Arrows must not be painted on moving objects in order for this to hold true. fuck.

Now Im done. until I decide im not. fuck capital letters.

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