Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today is yesterdays annoying little brother who wanted his turn.

Funny I should mention that, I AM the little brother to my sisters siblingness.

I feel like allowing my brain to shit out what few eccentricities and oddities I have managed to build up over the past few years. So here I go:

I would love to see a castle hang upside down from a column of dark clouds. Suspended above a city of terrified vagrants.

Hair is essential in attracting a mate.

Jello is highly over rated, although that is not to say it is also under rated.

Coherent thought is for the masstards of the nonmedia. Thus gibberish has been birthed by the nontards of the massmedia. Massmedia is one word now. Getoverit.

Mass media is something only pretentious people or people who want to sound pretentious say.

Pretentious people only call other people pretentious.

I'm better than you. movingON.

Cats are fantastic when you're high, homework is not.

I once wanked to a Sears catalog. I want to spell that word catalogue.

I dont think Ill ever run out of shit to say.

The END.

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